Arkalis Interactive

About :

Arkalis Interactive is an independent mobile games development studio located in the country of Andorra, that combines high-end 3D visuals with very accessible casual gameplay.

The team is led by industry veterans that have developed highly successful mobile titles such as Hero of Sparta, James Cameron’s Avatar, Icebreaker Hockey, The Adventures of Tintin, Respawnables, Six guns, Fantasy Town, etc.

Speaking of names, you’re probably wondering what Arkalis actually means. It’s based on the name of a ski resort nearby named Arcalis. It’s in Andorra.

(No, Andorra is not a planet. It’s a country!!, a pretty one between France and Spain)

Now wasn’t that cool. Bet you didn’t think you’d be getting a geography lesson when you clicked on this page, did ya?  That’s just how we roll – always sneaking in bonus experiences for our audience.

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